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PlumbingSale is a family run online retailer of bathroom, plumbing and heating products. Based in London, we sell a vast range of contemporary and traditional bathroom, shower and kitchen products for homeowners looking to increase the value of their home or to simply flourish a renovated room. We believe by combining the right products alongside stylish fittings and accessories, your flawless bathroom isn’t far from getting the look you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re dreaming of a complete bathroom suite or just in need of a few shower accessories, we have a great range of products to suit your specific style and budget.

Water Conditioners: They are specially designed to help you deal with hard water problems while also increasing the lifespan of plumbing fixtures and kitchen appliances. They use proven water conditioning technology to reduce limescale build-up and inhibit corrosion. Check out our bestsellers: ACP 22mm Water Conditioner & Corrosion Inhibitor and Aquabion S20 Water Conditioner.

Bath Shower Mixers: Our bath shower mixers showcase a perfect combination of excellent durability and visually appealing designs that are sure to bring luxury and comfort to your bathing and showering experience. Don’t forget to explore our widely popular thermostatic shower mixer valves, some of which use an innovative thermostatic technology to prevent sudden surges of hot or cold water.

Basin Mixers: You will find a wide range of basin taps to suit different tastes and budgets at PlumbingSale. Displaying sophisticated function and technology, exceptional quality, and ease of use, they are sure to add a "wow" factor to any bathroom interior.

Kitchen Taps: From simple to high-end finishes and functions, we offer a wide range of kitchen taps that are perfect whether you are fitting a new kitchen or just looking for an easy way to refresh your existing installation. Replacing your old, leaky tap with one of our high-quality kitchen mixers with ceramic cartridge technology will surely rejuvenate your kitchen.

Shower Mixer Kits: From traditional to modern, with lever, square, round or crosshead handles, our shower mixer kits and valves are available in so many styles and shapes that there is always something to match your existing bathroom fixtures. With hard-wearing chrome finishes that are easy to clean and precise temperature control they are all set to uplift your showering experience.

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Featured Products
Bristan 1901 Basin Mixer With Pop-Up Waste (N BAS C CD)
£145.00   £116.00
£96.67 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Hourglass Shower Pack With Adjustable Kit (HOURGLASS SHWR PK)
£511.00   £408.80
£340.67 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Colonial Easyfit Sink Mixer (K SNK EF C)
£247.00   £197.60
£164.67 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Regency Bath Shower Mixer (Tall Pillars) (R TBSM C)
£306.00   £244.80
£204.00 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Bliss Electric Shower 10.5kW (Black) (BL3105 B)
£304.00   £243.20
£202.67 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Renaissance Vanity Basin Taps (RS2 VAN C)
£204.00   £163.20
£136.00 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Decade Bath Shower Mixer (DX BSM C)
£245.00   £196.00
£163.33 (Exc. VAT)
Adey MagnaClean Professional 2 (22mm) (MAG-2)
£175.78   £95.00
£79.17 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Descent Shower Pack With Fixed Head & Kit (DESCENT SHWR PK)
£676.00   £540.80
£450.67 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Vertico Bar Shower With Rigid Riser (VR SHXDIVFF C)
£575.00   £460.00
£383.33 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan 1901 Shower Pack With Adjustable Kit (1901 SHWR PK)
£419.00   £335.20
£279.33 (Exc. VAT)
In Stock
ACP20 Water Conditioner & Corrosion Inhibitor 22mm 3/4'' (Advanced Hydro ACP 20)
£433.33 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Alp 4 Hole Bath Shower Mixer (ALP 4HBSM C)
£448.00   £358.40
£298.67 (Exc. VAT)
In Stock
ACP15 Water Conditioner & Corrosion Inhibitor 15mm 1/2'' (Advanced Hydro ACP 15)
£294.99 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Glorious 3 Hole Basin Mixer (GLR 3HBAS C)
£354.90   £283.92
£236.60 (Exc. VAT)
Bristan Quest Basin Mixer With Clicker Waste (QST BAS C)
£121.00   £96.80
£80.67 (Exc. VAT)
Adey MagnaClean Micro 2 (22mm) (MAG-MI-2)
£160.34   £94.00
£78.33 (Exc. VAT)
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