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Aquabion S20 Water Conditioner 3/4'' (22mm)

Aquabion S20 Water Conditioner 3/4" (22mm)

Part No:  S20
Brand:  Aquabion

  • 7 years of limescale protection.
  • Not salt-based so safe for making baby food.
  • Does not remove naturally occurring essential minerals.
  • Reduces heating costs.
  • Reduces appliance repair bills.
  • Reduces usage of cleaning chemicals.
  • More than 80% effective.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty.
  • 1-year manufacturer 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.
  • Free delivery in 1 to 2 working days.
Aquabion S20 Water Conditioner 3/4" (22mm)
More than half of the homes in Great Britain are supplied with hard water containing a high concentration of dissolved minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. These minerals start grouping together and solidify to create limescale deposits, which can attach to any surface and accumulate quickly, causing never-ending domestic plumbing problems. This also affects the efficiency of boilers, kitchen appliances and electric water heaters as limescale build-up decreases water pressure due to clogging in pipes and elements.

Aquabion S20 Water Conditioner is a revolutionary defence against limescale that can be plumbed directly into an incoming water supply in as little as 30 minutes. Based on proven patented technology, the S20 Aquabion salt-free water conditioner uses the galvanic principle that works by utilising sacrificial Zinc anodes, without electricity, salt, chemicals or magnets. The small amount of Zinc ions released by the unit react with the minerals in the water to form Aragonite - a "softer feeling" non-aggressive calcium carbonate crystal, which typically gets washed away with the rest of the water.

Key Features:
  • Advanced German design and engineering.
  • Cost-effective water treatment.
  • Proven safe to use for making baby food.
  • Chemical-free and salt-free.
  • Completely maintenance-free.
  • Simple installation.

Aquabion water conditioners make a cost-effective alternative to the traditional salt-based water softener systems. They are tested and proven to be more than 80% effective and safe for use on drinking water systems. Moreover, with the Aquabion no-salt water conditioners, the healthy mineral content in the treated water is not affected and, unlike some water softeners, unhealthy sodium levels are not increased.

Why Choose The Aquabion S20 Water Treatment System?
  • Superior limescale protection.
  • Reduces heating costs.
  • Reduces appliance repair bills.
  • Reduces usage of cleaning chemicals.
  • Extended appliance and equipment life expectancy.
  • Fewer service calls.

Aquabion Commercial Units
Aquabion also manufacturer commercial water conditioners that have been independently tested to reduce limescale in water systems, along with energy savings of up to 55%. Combine this with a great Business Energy Saver plan to further reduce your business overheads.

With The Aquabion S20 Home Water Conditioner, You Get:
  • Zero increase in sodium levels in your drinking water.
  • Patented technology with 7 years of worry-free operation.
  • Zero ongoing maintenance costs.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • 1-year manufacturer 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.
Length of 180mm with a body diameter of 45mm.

Weight of 1.64kg.

Female connections.

16.0 bar maximum operating pressure.

The smaller S15 1/2" (15mm) Water Conditioner is also available.
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